Rules & Safety

Paintball is safe and fun if you pay attention to your surroundings

Rules & Safety

At Unreal Paintball we see paintball as an enjoyable recreational activity that most people can participate in. It’s fast, competitive, thrilling and a lot of fun. However, there is a more serious side too. Safety is our number one concern. We will need you to be responsible for yourself and others around you.

Below are our site rules for standard days at Unreal Paintball. Our Marshals will ensure you abide by these rules. However, if you attempt to compromise the safety of yourself or others, they will pull you from a game. If you are a persistent offender then you will face a permanent ban from the site. Our Marshals are there for your safety but don’t be afraid to ask them for help or advice as they will always be happy to help.

Rules & Safety

Unreal Paintball Site Rules

  • Masks must be worn at all times out side of the safe area.
  • NO live guns allowed in the safe area.
  • Do NOT fire at the wildlife.
  • Do NOT shoot at dead players.
  • Be mindful of your surroundings (woodland).
  • Do NOT shoot at marshals or use them for cover.

Unreal Paintball Playing Rules

  • Head shots count.
  • If shot out raise your gun and call out ‘Dead Player’.
  • If you have a problem with your gun, shout for a marshal.
  • Refrain from firing at anyone under 20ft. call surrender.
  • Listen to the marshals at all times.

Insurance Waiver & Parental Consent

Please print out and fill in this form. Don’t forget to bring it with you on the day although you are able to fill in this form on the day.

If you are under the age of 18, in order for the form to be valid, you will need your guardian to sign their consent. Don’t forget to bring it with you on the day although you are able to fill in this form on the day if you have your guardian/carer present.

To print this form please click here

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