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Welcome to our prices and packages. Here at Unreal Paintball we try to keeps things simple. Our packages are split into three main categories. Pay As You Play, Advanced Paintball Discounts, and All Inclusive Packages.


A particular favourite amongst Paintballers, our excellent Pay As You Play Package does exactly what it says on the tin! You just pay your Game Fee up front, which counts as your deposit, and then simply purchase the paintballs as and when you need them on the day! Paintballing made simple! EXTRA PAINTBALLS £7.00 PER 100


Rampage £20 Includes 400 Paintballs Save £8.00

Our RAMPAGE Package is ideal for the paintballer who hasn't got full control over their trigger finger and needs the ammo to compensate for this! In this awesome inclusive package each paintballer will get 400 paintballs to unleash upon their opponents....try not to waste them all on that least favoured relative!

Unstoppable £30 Includes 600 Paintballs plus 1 Smoke Grenade Save £15.50

Paintballing carnage is all but guaranteed in our cracking UNSTOPPABLE Package! With some 600 paintballs and a smoke bomb per player, don't be surprised to see a solar eclipse due to sheer volume of paint flying through the sky! A trigger pumping paintballing frenzy is ensured in this sensational package!

Unreal £50 Includes 1000 Paintballs plus 1 Smoke Grenades Save £27

The Daddy of all paintballing packages, our smashing UNREAL package will make for sheer paintballing mayhem out on the battleground! Each paintballer will get a colossal 1000 paintballs to play with and a smoke bomb or paint grenade to boot! Slap on the face paint, change your name to John Rambo by Deed Poll and strap yourself in for a paintball battle royale!


Young Guns £20 Includes 300 Paintballs - Young Guns Extra £25 Includes 400 Paintballs

Put simply, this is the perfect introduction for kids into the exhilarating world of Paintball! In our fully inclusive Young Guns Package, each kid will receive all their equipment, 300 paintballs and 1/2 a day of breathtaking paintballing brilliance! A sensational Package and one that will prove unforgettably brilliant for the kids!

Office Wars £30 Includes 400 Paintballs, Lunch and Full Days Game Fee

Our superb Office Wars Packages are perfect for a spectacular Corporate event that will have you and your colleagues buzzing for months! With substantial ammo, 400 paintballs a piece, you can afford to be merciless against the admin department on the doesn't get much better than this! Guaranteed exclusivity for groups of 20 or more (may vary at peak times - enquire for details). Lunch is included on full day packages.

Stag Hunt £40 Includes 600 Paintballs, 1 Smoke, Lunch and Full Days Game Fee

For the ultimate in adrenaline packed and rip-roaring entertaining Stag parties you need not look any further than our sensational Stag Hunt Packages which will blow the Stag away literally and metaphorically! With a mammoth 600 paintballs each to propel in each other's directions and a smoke bomb a piece, you better be prepared for a exhilarating paintball skirmish! For full day players lunch is included in the price. (Please note that smoke bombs are not permitted to those under the age of 18. In these circumstances they will be replaced with an additional 50 paintballs).

Monster Kill £79 Includes 1500 Paintballs, 2 Smoke, Lunch and Full Days Game Fee

This is the top dog of packages, our Monster Kill package would be hard for even Rambo to use up it includes a massive a whopping a totally ridiculous 1500 paintballs per person, the game fee for a full day and 2 smoke or paint grenades. (Please note that smoke bombs are not permitted to those under the age of 18. In these circumstances they will be replaced with an additional 50 paintballs).


  • Free Entry to the Sup-air Sunday events. (Tournament training and mini tournaments)
  • Free Equipment Hire
  • 57% off the price of paint on regular days at Unreal that’s just £3.00 per hundred paintballs.
  • 20% off the price of paint on Domination Events.
  • 20% off the Unreal Shop
  • Free Paintball Mask if paid in full or £30 off any of our pro paintball goggles or kits.
  • Free Entry including the first 100 paintballs at any of our 50 other venues across the Paintball Matrix Network.

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Guns Upgrades

For a more realistic experience at Unreal Paintball upgrade your Tippmann 98 to a M16 style marker for just £15 including 100 free paintballs.

Paintball near Stafford


Either a free smoke grenade or upgraded thermal mask.

100 Paintballs £7

Paintballing near Stafford

Smoke Grenades £3.50 each

OR 3 for £10

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