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Paintball near Stoke on Trent
Paintballing near Stoke on Trent Membership

Anyone can become a member, it's easy, fun and affordable. If you are a avid player of the game, becoming a member would be the best way forward for you to go, you have the chance to play as often as you want and save money at the same time.

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Paintballing Stoke on Trent
Low Impact Paintball

We offer a great value package for players aged 9-12 years. It's perfect for the young aspiring players of the future. We give them 100% experience of the paintball game with 50% less pain. Start your day off with a bit of target practice before jumping into the game.

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Paintballing in the Northwest
New Website

We have a new informative website to keep old and new customers up to date with all that is happening here at Unreal Paintball. You can find everything you need to know on our site. We also have a contact us page should you require help with planning any aspect of your day with us.

Paintball Northwest
New Weapons

Our upgrade guns look and feel realistic. They are the ultimate scenario paintball marker. They have a durable aluminium body and can withstand heavy combat situations, providing increased performance and accuracy. Great for the first timer and also the experienced player.

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